Leaders across the globe are desperate for insight and instruction. Many begin their promotion into leadership excited but ill-equipped, without a clue as to how to lead. Good, well-intentioned men and women flounder. Entire organizations suffer. Training seminars are popping up to meet this need, but not all leaders can take the time or spare the expense to attend. All leaders everywhere can access Turnaround amid Chaos, begin applying its principles immediately, and have it as a ready resource to guide them in their leadership journey.

Wayne Fields writes a captivating leadership fable through the story of Tom in Turnaround amid Chaos. I love the way he weaves the story of Tom and his journey into the world of leading a nonprofit. Having led my own non-profit for twenty years, I can relate to the challenges of turnarounds and the chaos that comes from leading change. I highly recommend you add this book to your leadership arsenal—you will benefit greatly!
—Dr. Hans Finzel, President of HDLeaders and bestselling author of Top Ten Ways To Be A Great Leader


A fast read that’s chock-full of wise practices, Turnaround amid Chaos will inspire you to lead with firmness and grace. Absolutely excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of this book. If you play any kind of leadership role – in the workplace, at home, or in your community – this book offers insight on how to lead effectively. The wisdom in these pages applies to all of us.
—Dawndy Mercer Plank, Anchor, WIS TV